Reputable Hair Colourist St Catharines Outlines Tips To Keep Your Colored Curls Moisturized

By Deborah Reed

One of the simplest, surest and most affordable means of transforming your looks is to schedule for a professional hair color application service. A skilled colorist can give you a makeover and ascertain that the outcome of a service is positively transformative. After loving the outcome of a service, there are care tips you should implement in order to keep your locks looking appealing and healthy. During the hunt for a proficient hair colourist St Catharines has a decent number of top rated experts to offer.

Color treatments have a long list of benefits, though they also have a few disadvantages. The main one is that a treatment can make your tresses vulnerable to fading and dryness. It is in your best interests to take measures to ensure that your mane remains moisturized at all times. This will reduce the risk of splitting, breaking and other related forms of damage.

It is not advisable to shampoo your curls immediately after a treatment. Ideally, you should wait for three or more days for the new pigment as well as the natural oils to settle. If you wash the tresses too soon, the color molecules that are yet to effectively adhere will be stripped down. This can lead to premature fading of the freshly applied color.

It goes without saying that your tresses will be vulnerable to drying and this could cause easy breakage. To combat the concern, always use a wide-toothed comb instead of your regular brush. This will also help in maintaining the moisture in each strand. Bear in mind that when a strand breaks or splits, this could make it weaker and drier causing damage to your entire mane.

It is necessary to be selective when choosing the shampooing products to use. Your colorist will strongly advise that you do not use shampoos that contain sulfate. Even though they are superb for a natural mane and they effectively strip down the dirt and oils, they can eat up the dye on your colored locks and make your mane look dry and unhealthy.

A good way to lock in moisture after shampooing is to wear a hair mask. A top quality product will leave your mane properly hydrated and nourished will vital butters and oils. After shampooing your curls, apply the mask and let it settle for three or more minutes. An ideal product will prevent freezing and will also give your tresses an enticing shine.

You will want to replace your regular styling products, shampoos and conditioners and products that are uniquely formulated for colored curls. This will further reduce the odds of your mane turning brittle and dry. If you are a newbie in seeking color treatments and you have no idea about the products to use, just ask your stylist for reliable recommendations.

You will need to refrain from using heat styling tools like blow dryers or even flat irons. If you find it hard to style your locks without using such tools, then you must invest in a quality protective serum. Regardless of the color you want to apply on your tresses, always use a sunscreen when going outdoors. This will protect the curls from the sun rays that can cause dryness and premature fading.

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