Different Ways To Wear Scarves

By Timothy Martin

Many people are under the impression that fashion is considered as a frivolous and unnecessary luxury. This could not be farther from the truth as certain accessories can also have practical uses. Here are some instances where one can make their wardrobe both functional and practical with Wholesale Scarves.

To start, nearly every culture and religion utilize these options in different ways. For some it is to protect their bodies from harsh weather like extreme heat and cold. While for another, it can also be used to wipe sweat from their faces during work. For others, it is a way to express their religious beliefs and carry themselves according to the laws of their faith.

When choosing a scarf, it always helps to first decide on the cloth. Users must be diligent in picking the right fabrics and colors that fit well with their situation. For instance, cashmere and wool types would go well for cold weather whereas cotton and linen types work best for hot temperatures. Both of which should match the clothes you plan to wear.

After deciding on the type of cloth, the next would be the type of shape or style. Scarves can range from minimal pieces that are only draped around the neck to large options that can be worn as a cover up to your outfit. To make sure you stay styling all year round, make it a point to collect at least more than one style.

Another example is an infinity scarf. These are accessories that are circular and form a loop which may be twisted and adjusted in different ways. While they come in various textiles, wool is usually the fabric of choice and is usually don in the winter. This option is a great choice for people who are looking for casual fashion staples that do not need much effort to wear.

Another is a head scarf. Since this is usually wrapped around the head or hair, most manufacturers and makers use cotton and silk for this option to avoid weighing down on the head of wearers. Certain religions use this style to keep their hair covered while tribe members often wear it in a bandana style. If you wish to wear a head scarf, make sure to don it with a red lip and oversized sunglasses to channel your inner Jackie Kennedy.

Next are neck types. These are generally wrapped around the neck to keep wearers warm. As such, the materials used for this style tend to be denser and thicker than head scarves. This specific style is considered one of the most versatile ones because it can be tied in a number of different ways and may be paired with both casual and formal ensembles.

While these accessories are generally worn around the head, neck, and shoulders, they are a number of unconventional ways you can wear them. One is to wrapping it around your hair and topping it off with a cap for a bohemian look. Another is to tie it into a handy and trendy sling bag for people on the go. Last is wrapping it around your waist and wearing it as a sarong.

Like jewelry, scarves have since become a staple that can elevate the overall look of an outfit without necessarily spending a fortune. To pick the best choice, make sure to select a scarf based on three categories. The first is the material of the cloth which should match the season, the second is its size and style, and last but not least is whether or not you like it. Good luck.

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