Procedures Of Making Tufa Casting Custom Jewelry NM

By Shirley Carter

Creating unique and top quality jewels is a process that involves many procedures to create designs that will attract your customers. Various firms engaged in the production of ornaments have to provide products that will satisfy their customers. Every step matters when the production process is ongoing. Also, the right materials have to be used. This article will dwell on techniques involved in Tufa casting custom jewelry NM.

Pieces of stone where the design will be made are prepared before other process kicks off. The size of the stones to be used is determined by the choice and type of models the designer ought to create. After the right size have been cut, the next thing is to smoothen all of them and make them flat. The aim of flattening them is to make them identical and perfect to each other.

With stones ready, sketching the designs of models that one had thought of begins. Here one ought to be keen and do the job in a quiet environment to avoid disturbances which might result in errors. Also, a lot of time needs to be put when making the sketches.

The next process is carving the stone where the sketches have been made. There are multiple tools that experts advice carvers to use in this process. And those that are highly recommended include chisel tools, needles, and file used for wood carving. This process calls for perfection because one cannot afford to make a mistake because reversing them is never an option. Space that is created is used to pour melted silver.

Before silver is poured in the intended space, stones have to be carbonized to get rid of oxygen. The pieces of stones are attached using clamps and rubbers, and this makes the process as perfect as possible. Solid silver is then put in a crucible, and high temperatures of heat are introduced to melt it into an exceptional liquid form. When silver is in its liquid form state, it is then poured on spaces that were left.

The surface of these products is cleaned using sand. When sand is used in the cleaning process, it removes parts that are deemed unnecessary, and this does not affect the texture of these products. The other cleaning agents are citric pickling solutions which are also useful in making the surfaces appear clean. Cleaning is also aimed at getting rid of fire traces that sometimes are acquired when the soldiering process begins.

Polishing the surfaces of these products is also very important. Polishing makes product surfaces appear more clean, attractive and appealing. Water and use of rubber are the most common methods used in the polishing process. Various recommended polishing compounds are used in every polishing stage. These compounds can either be abrasive or non abrasive and are handled differently for each step.

When everything is done according to plans, the manufacturer had it is time to call it a day. At this stage, everything has been achieved, and the owner has a chance to make the designs appear how they want. The final product can now be prepared to meet the specifics of a particular market. Sand cleaning and polishing take most a lot of time compared to other processes.

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