Top Rated Northfield Hair Salon Explains The Hair Extension Installation Process

By Michelle Baker

Clip-ins and various other kinds of temporary hair extensions can do a superb job at sprucing up your looks. An ideal stylist can use extensions to get you ready for your wedding, a special date or even a job interview. In the current world, fashion may not mean everything, though it means something. Getting your mane looking sharp can assist greatly in enhancing your personal, social and professional life. A reputable Northfield hair salon will have proficient stylists who can help you achieve that look you have always wanted.

In case this is the first time you are scheduling for a hair extension appointment, knowing what to expect of the process is important. One of the first things that will happen is that your stylist will meet with you for consultation. He or she will want to know something about your hair type, its current color and length and the style that can help you achieve the desired changes.

For the installation process to officially begin, the stylist will take you to the sink and get your tresses washed. This will remove all dirt, conditioner and product build-up, making it possible for the extensions to be applied with ease. The tresses also need to be dried for the main service to be offered.

Competent stylists will want you to make certain important decisions. For instance, the expert will provide you with adequate guidance about the available extension types and installation processes. The best choices to make will depend on not just what you want, but also your financial plan. Some of the installation techniques that can be used include sew-in, tape-in and bonding methods.

Long extensions can be bonded, taped-in or stitched. In case your natural tresses are coarse and thick and you would like to spend less time and money at the salon, the sew-in extensions would be a desirable choice to consider. Tape-in extensions are installed using special adhesive that is carefully applied on strips that are not bigger than one inch. On the other hand, bonded extensions are installed by taking small sections of hair and locking them with the add-ons using a polymer-based bead.

Installation usually takes place in sections, regardless of the extensions you choose. The expert will start working from the bottom, allowing you to witness as your appearance is transformed. The last phase of the process is to get the tresses styled and you may even get them trimmed to give them a more natural appearance.

You can enhance the length and volume of your curls using hair extensions. You could even use the add-ons to bring some drama to the color of your natural mane. Irrespective of why you want to book an appointment, you will need to work with a trained, experienced and competent stylist for your objectives to be achieved.

Research for the ideal salon should begin the old fashioned way. Whether you want to install extensions, you need a deep conditioning service or you want a hair color application, begin by seeking recommendations from your friends and relatives. Focus on the views of acquaintances whose hairstyles turn you green with envy.

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