How To Take Care Of Sewing Machines

By Mark Russell

You certainly know how those fancy clothes you saw on boutiques and those shirts and pants inside your wardrobe were made. Those things are actually created by a dressmaker or a seamstress using their own hands. And to make their work faster and productive, they need a certain machinery to do it. Anyhow, one must be aware about properly taking care of Husqvarna Viking sewing machine parts.

If your job is being a dressmaker then you definitely know how important sewing machines are. Nevertheless, whether people buy it just to pursue their fashion career or maybe satisfy their costume making hobbies, they never should neglect its proper maintenance. Because if not, that equipment will lose its value and meet its end in a shorter period.

You do serviced your cars once in a year for it to boost its performance and see if there are some issues on it. You did annual eye inspection to prevent some damages on your eyes. That kind of attention must also be applied similarly to your sewing machines too. Anyhow, these tips listed below will help.

First, keep the apparatus covered. You might think that dusts is just a problem for humans but it also could damage things too especially this sort of equipment. In that case, you certainly cover it with dust cover or maybe some hard case so dusts will not pile up there. Use cosmetic brush to clean the bobbin case and better use a thread which is high-quality.

Second, change your needle regularly. This part could be easily forgotten by many after finishing their project. But make it a habit to change needles afterwards because it can damage the tool and cloth. Furthermore, experts say that it is advisable to change it every eight hours.

Third, simply clean it always. After completing one project, clean your machinery thoroughly. You should use compressed air in removing lint and also removing those threads which are in bobbin area, tension discs and feed dogs. Moreover, whenever using compress air, nozzle should be away from the tool with a distance at least four inches.

Like other machines out there, this too needs a regular oiling. It is required in order to make its performance smoother as well as longer. Furthermore, the oil that should be used must be the one which is suited for this machine. You could buy it at some craft stores or online. And before applying, see if the bobbin case is neat.

More importantly, having annual servicing from professional service will definitely improve its condition. Whether your machinery is branded or came from a cheap store, it would not matter if its performance is pretty low. Therefore, annual servicing is the answer to enhance it. Have someone who is knowledgeable and expert to manage this instrument.

Now you know some helpful tips. More importantly, cleanliness should always be maintained so after you utilize it, wipe your mess using a rug. Follow those tips mentioned above and your own sewing machine will certainly last longer.

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