How To Keep Vintage Style Pendants California Looking Their Best

By Angela King

Jewelry can be a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to your outfits. Pieces such as vintage style pendants California can add the perfect finishing touch. They can be large and overstated or small and classic. You need to make sure you are caring for your collection properly. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure that your pendants are well cared for.

Something important to consider is whether you want to collect reproduction pieces or if you want the real deal. If you want to make sure that you are purchasing pieces that are actually vintage, you need to learn which hallmarks to look for. Some designers are more desirable than others and it can be helpful to know what you are looking for ahead of when you actually go shopping.

One thing that appeals to many people about vintage pendants is the stories that may lie behind each piece. Who were former owners? Was the piece designed or made for a significant event? Learning about the history that a pendant has can help you find out what it is made out of and what you may need to do to care for it properly.

If you notice that some pieces are becoming discolored you may be dealing with silver. You will want to make sure you are keeping silver items in a box or chest that has anti-tarnish material for a lining. These boxes can keep silver looking shiny and bright without having to polish them repeatedly.

Some pendants have stones that are set into their surfaces. There can be many ways to affix the stones to a particular piece of jewelry. Some use metal claws that bend around the stone to keep it in place. If this is the case with a pendant you own you will want to make sure that they are tight and that the stone is not likely to fall out.

Part of storing pieces properly is keeping them separated. You want to make sure that they are not rubbing against one another as this can cause scratches, dents or other unwanted marks. Some pendants are made from very soft metal and this means they are much more likely to be damaged.

Appraising your collection is a good idea. You can look online if you have hallmarks or other pieces of information to go on and this can help you find out some basic information. For more information you may want to go to a jewelry store as they may be able to give you helpful advice as well as an idea of what your pieces are worth.

If you love the look of these pieces but do not yet own any yourself it can be easy to start your collection. Look in local antique stores and thrift shops. You may also be able to find sites online that offer these pieces as well.

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