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By Peter Nelson

The Oscars may be the most anticipated, glamorous annual event for your showbiz stars. The one who gets to win the golden trophy will no doubt have a lot of things going for him or her, on top of the illustrious name being set down in the annals of history forever. However, the losers need not go home with a long face. After all, everyone is a winner with the Oscars gift bag bow tie ZuZu Kim.

This gift bag is replete with all kinds of valuable trinkets and luxuries. The contents have steadily increased over the years, and the latest bag so far contained items worth about one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Well, it would not do to be surprised once this reaches the two hundred K benchmark soon.

The provenance of this brand is apt and fitting. Coming from a classical music trained backdrop, Kim first designed bowties and dresses for her piano recitals and performances. Thus the conception and early history of the now widely recognized brand ZuZu Kim.

Needless to say, the bowtie is one article that rests in the balance between casualness and elegance. For this reason, it is the go to regalia for musicians and performers upstage. ZK first created bowties for this particular reason, and now the brand is widely recognized and considered a pioneer in this field.

The founder of this brand is Christina Kim, whose background is by all means interesting. By passion and training, she is a classical pianist, and she came to be in this direction through designing her own clothes and accouterments for her many performances and recitals. With an intrinsic eye for art and a trained eye for design, she created her own brand, the incipient stirrings of ZuZu Kim.

ZKs classic articles are made impeccably. They are well fitted and comfortable, on top of being made from the best European fabrics. Recently, the designer has expanded to womens wear and dresses, and the tradition of perfectionism has extended therein. The unique character of her designs bring a whole new, untraditional, and innovative perspective to her creations.

The brands bowties have many collections and some such assortments. There are varieties for both men and women, and they are also further tagged for particular events, needs, and purposes. You have the orchestral and black tie, for occasions akin to the classic elegance of music recitals, or for upscale gatherings like black tie events.

ZuZu Kim has a miscellany of design lines and collections to offer. There are fitting accessories for all kinds of events and occasions. For men, some of her designs include black with navy, silver, or dotted. There is silk brocade, taffeta, crimson, faille, satin, and then French Blue and majestic purple. You can have silver brocade, embossed, metallic, as well as denim, leather studded, floral damask, indigo garden, white garden, periwinkle stripe, and also the unconventional mesh with spikes and chain. There is also a line for women, in which one can source embellished lace and rhinestone, crystal encrusted, pleated silk or leather, velvet with sequins, iridescent mesh, white pearl, neon floral, ivory and black scallop, and Swarovski crystal bow ties. With these smorgasbord of choices, you can opt for looks going in the opposite sides of the spectrum, whether uptown or downtown getups.

No matter the high end direction of ZuZu Kim, not only bigwigs and celebrities can source these innovative creations. Collections are available for viewing in their online catalog, and for sure you will find a bowtie to suit you for all occasions. Shopping at this store has no history of dissatisfaction and regrets.

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