7 Essential Tips For Bridal Gown Preservation Orlando FL

By Walter Mitchell

Weddings are very exciting events that all people enjoy. For the brides and grooms, it is one of the most important events of their lives. They, therefore, have to do everything to make sure that the day is a success. When buying a wedding dress, most brides may not know how to preserve it. After the big day, most brides would like to hand on to the dress to keep the memories. However, maintaining it may become a challenge. If you would want to preserve your dress after the wedding, the following are tips for bridal gown preservation Orlando FL can offer.

For brides, it is crucial to understand that dry cleaning and preserving the dress is not the same thing. Most people usually confuse between the two thinking that they are the same thing. Preserving the gown is done by a preservationist who must assess the fabric and stitching of the dress first. After that, the specialist will come up with a treatment plan for the attire.

Sometimes the attire may have stains that are not visible at the moment. These stains may be from white wine s well as other foods that are dry. You may not see the stains until after a few months when they turn to a dark brownish color. At this point, these stains may be irremovable even by dry cleaning. This means that you will have destroyed your precious dress.

Always take note of the label that is on the dress when you buy it. This label is crucial because it will give you directions and steps to clean and preserve the dress. Thus, it is wise to listen to the label and follow the steps. Failure to do so will ruin the attire because you will not know how to clean the gown.

When preserving the dress, time is critical. Do not wait for weeks to take the dress to a dry cleaner. It is advisable to take the dress to professional cleaning as soon as the event is over. Taking the attire to the preservation early is the best way to avoid destroying it. Some brides, however, wait for more than six weeks to take the dress to a preservationist.

The box that you will use to preserve the dress is usually sealed airtight. Therefore, you should know that you have to store the attire in a sealed box. The oxygen in the box is generally replaced with nitrogen. This prevents oxidation of the dress thus protecting it from aging and discoloration.

Some people usually do not think that preserving a wedding dress is essential. They, therefore, do not budget for it. However, when you plan your wedding, the preservation of the attire should also be captured in the budget. Accordingly, if you plan to keep the attire after the ceremony, budget for its maintenance.

After the dry cleaning, the dress should be kept in a place that is dark, dry and cool. This is to prevent exposing it to direct sunlight. Sunlight destroys dresses as it will make them fade and turn their color to yellow. Hence, ensure that you avoid direct sunlight.

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