Rodeo Western Wear For The Modern Cowboy/girl

By Carl Taylor

What started in the 1940 s as just a way of covering one s body is still popular today in this day and age. Of course, there has been some variation to the manner in which the clothes are made but the style has roughly remained unchained. Rodeo western wear, a style that was popularized by the West has remained popular.

The most famous item in this kind of fashion wear has got to be the hat. Not just any hat but a hat that has become as popular as the people who wear it. It is to members of the Cowboy and Cowgirl community what salt is to pepper. Originally, the hat had a practical use that could be attributed to its shape. A shape that was least likely to blow off into the wind compared to other headpieces that were around at the time and the reason why it was the hat of choice.

But being able to tie up a calf in 4 seconds flat is fun and all but in order for that to happen people need to be wearing the right clothes in order to make them agile enough to perform at their best. And as odd as this may seem, leather chaps actually do quite a good job at this because not only do they hide the bits no one wants to see but they re durable enough to be put to work repeatedly. And the added benefit of being cheap to make does not hurt either.

When it comes to the top of one s body, there a few options available for females. Either they can wear checkered shirts, rompers or t-shirts with graphics on them but it ll depend on what fashion choices meet the occasion. With men, simplicity is more of the best approach with a shirt being able to imply an all-purpose solution when it comes to dressing sense.

The shirt, like any other shirt has the main purpose of covering the upper half of the body but unlike any other shirt. Shorts of this era have a distinctive design. A design that makes them uniquely western and how one can tell that this particular shirt is from that 1940 s and 50 s period and not just any other shirt are through the embroidery that is usually along the back or on the front, just under where one s shoulder plates would be.

The hat should be as important as the shoes. A rule of thumb to abide by is that if tapping it causes it to fall than it is too big. But at the same time, no one wants a hat that fits too tightly around their head because that s just uncomfortable.

The rodeo is one busy place so it would make sense that the garments these brave souls put on their body every time that gate open doesn t hinder them in any way. That practicality and simplicity of the style in which they dress are what makes rodeo western apparels so enticing in the first place.

Although this may seem stereotypical, being one would do more good than bad for someone wanting to join such a community.

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