Personal Stylist Blogs Can Help Anyone Develop A Style That Fits Their Lifestyle

By Douglas Kennedy

When a working person is busy, they seldom have the time to research fashion choices. Although it makes sense to dress right for the job, sometimes a person can fail when making a selection. While some have the time or a natural talent for finding the right look most of the time, figure in other obligations, like school or taking care of a family member that makes the difference. Even though good friends can give an honest opinion, reading personal stylist blogs can place a new perspective on finding clothes that feel good.

It is no secret that social media has played a big role in how people see an individual style and realize there are few rules to creating their own fashion sense. At one time, a larger sized individual was limited what they could find in the store or mail order catalogs. Those who lived in larger cities may have been fortunate enough to catch a fashion show that included plus sizes but this was rare.

Now, stylists have come to understand that fashion is not limited to women who wear a single digit size or men with a narrow waistline. It may also be fair to say that fashion bloggers and stylists have played a role in making mature persons a demographic worth watching. For a long time, when someone reached a certain age, they planned for retirement and not the second chapter in life.

For a long time, there was a myth that getting older meant transitioning into clothing choices that were comfortable. However, some people mistake this for outright dowdy or sloppy. Clothing that is too loose can actually make a person look larger than what they really are. There are also some body types that do not benefit from roomy shirts.

Often when people transition, they often find themselves changing their style. They may want to add more color, find something that is flattering to their body type or create a look that makes them feel good and is engaging. This means that wearing magenta, orange, or animal prints can be a reality but knowing how to put it together is where the magic begins.

The best way to locate the right service or independent stylist is to see their online presence. Although many have blogs that should be updated regularly, sometimes streaming videos are an exciting way to see their work. Some have specializations like clients who are differently sized or manage to create a look for those who have a limited budget.

Stylish shoes that offer support are now a reality, even for those who like to wear heels all day. More designers are using fabric that is breathable and easy to maintain. This means fewer trips to the dry cleaners and not having to bring athletic shoes or flip flops to work when a lot of walking is needed.

If one were to pay attention to major blog sites or TV commercials for a retail clothing store, they will see more posts dedicated to people who do not look like traditional models. The models are shown having fun or interacting with other models who are smaller or younger in age. This is becoming the norm in both online and offline advertisements.

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