Process In Forming A Pearl

By Sandra Sullivan

For over many years that passed the pearls, very extraordinary gems, were considered as one of the most beautiful treasures that can be found on the seabed and on oysters. It was used as jewelry for women, people created a way for it to be a part of fashion. Before it becomes a Hawaiian Pearl Jewelry, take a look at how this beautiful thing was formed.

Conchiolin and Calcium Carbonate is what a pearl is made up. Most people considered that natural ones made through an accidental process. Because the starting point of this is done through a tiny parasite who wants to enter mollusk.

Natural pearls are formed through a parasite, which is referred to as an irritant. This thing makes its own way to enter either into a clam, mussel, or oyster. When the oyster, then, will create a defensive mechanism, a fluid that is mainly being used as a hard coating for the irritant. The liquid coating is made up is calcium carbonate and conchiolin.

When the coating is continuously done, the product that is also known as the nacre will be formed. It will approximately take 3 years to create one pearl through this process. Different shapes can be created, but the rarest which is the perfectly round one is what is made to be a jewel.

A cultural type of pearl is created through a reaction between the implantation of a tissue, known as a graft, inside a shell. This requires two oysters, the one will donate the tissue and the other is the one that will receive it. As soon as the tissue is placed inside, a small sack made up of essential calcium is being developed. Once this gets bigger, a nacre will be formed.

Several methods could be used in making a cultural pearl, a shell form both the sea or freshwater can be used, manually transplanting the tissue into the clam, and adding a perfect spherical bead to be the nucleus. This a process which both involves natural and human occurrences.

Imitation pearls are made through dipping a glass bead into a solution that has fish scales. This type of coating, unlike the calcium carbonate and the conchiolin, is thin and can easily wear off. This is also a reason why the weight is different from the others, and it is also the smoothness that makes this really different from other pearls.

With the creation of fake ones, people get counterfeited. Fakes do not have any same process in the other two since you could only make one in a minute. But to know whether the one you have is fake or not, you have to rub it against your teeth, when the color starts wearing off, then that is a hoax.

Before even making any ornaments and pieces of jewelry out of these precious gems, the process they underwent is very long. But after all that, we can see how beautiful and amazing it is. If you happen to own, you must take care of it properly and responsibly because it was made in a very special and long process.

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