Guidelines For Making Handmade Couture Bow Ties

By Deborah Kennedy

A necktie can be a perfect gift for your man during a special occasion. Making a necktie requires one to have enough time and the needed materials to achieve excellent outcomes. Below are DIY hacks for handmade couture bow ties to take into consideration.

Get the right materials. You need a few materials to make this task turn out successful. Some materials such as ironing board, scissors and iron are common in a house. You need to purchase products such as a fabric, sewing machine, a bow tie pattern and threads in different colors. A quarter of a yard fabric is enough for a standard necktie.

Look for the right fabric. You can choose fabrics such as velvet, cotton, and silk when making a necktie. Silk is the most common material since it matches with different outfits. Velvet and cotton add a sense of class to the wearer and match with most outfits as well. Polka dot neckties are also fashionable since they correspond well with a brighter background or black colors. Ensure that the fabric that you choose adds diversity in your fashion.

Cut the patterns accordingly. The bow tie pattern should assist you in cutting the fabric to the desired shape and length. Cut the design on cardstock or thick paper if you want it to work out well. Use the surface to scale the pattern to the desired size. Most lines have black lines which indicate the proportion of the wearer. Tape the two pieces that you get together and get a single piece that shows the blueprint of your necktie.

Cut the interface. Iron the fabric and the interface first to remove wrinkles. Wrinkles cause bubbles that can affect the outline of your interface. Pin the material and its interface together and iron them to check whether their edges are uniform. Trim the edges of both parts to ensure their uniformity before you stitch them together.

Sew the interface with the fabric. You should leave a one-centimeter allowance to seam the interface and fabric when stitching the materials together. Turn the material to the other side and iron it once more to maintain consistency. Fold the edges into four folds and turn both edges towards the center. Hold the bow tie at the center to create a crease that you should wrap using the additional cloth to secure it.

Create the band with the perfect length. A good necktie should fit different neck sizes. You should make a necktie that matches the size of its wearer if you intend to make a fixed length. Leave an opening at the non-pointed end of your band which you will turn it trough. Fix the open end when you turn the band and iron it to retain its shape.

You should look for reliable sources of information to rely on when making the necktie. Besides that, ensure that there is enough time to handle the task especially if you are a first timer. Purchase a bigger fabric since some might go to waste due to errors when trying out this process for the very first time.

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