Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Custom Handmade Ties

By Dennis Barnes

At times, people overlook certain elements of the closet. Most men do that because they assume a necktie is just a piece of cloth. They know how to tie it but face a lot of problems when buying. The choice of this aspect of your dressing can convey or say a lot about your personality. Selecting the right thing based on your needs and specifications is not easy. The following are some tips to consider when buying custom handmade ties.

The first factor to consider when choosing a necktie is the appearance. They come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on your body and the outfit you plan to wear it with, it is good to match the size and shape. Consistency must exist if at all you want to get compliments. Do not buy something that will make the whole outfit look off.

Also, remember to check the stitch or bar track. This is the part that joins the ends of the necktie together. Prior to making a payment, examine the stick to make sure it is horizontal. It provides reinforcement and ensures it does not lose shape due to bubble up. Despite the quality of the necktie, do not pay for it if there are no tacks because it will distort fast.

Also, consider the fabric. The materials used to make ties are different. The texture also varies with materials. Look for those made of silk or wool but make sure you check the label. Some stores might mislead buyers to buy something made of materials like silk that are not fully made of silk. Make sure you touch or feel the materials first. The texture itself will tell you if the percentage of silk or natural materials is high. Opt for heavy and tight material.

Again, remember to check for a diagonal cut at the blade. This gives the tie a great shape if it is done well. You will not have problems with the knot failing to align with the whole body or the tie twisting to the sides. It ensures the necktie stays balanced without drifting sideways.

When searching for a necktie, make sure you take time to look for a loop. A tie is not handmade if it does not have a slip knot. People put on neckties every day. In the process of tying and untying, the fabric begins to wear and this might affect the lifespan. The good thing with the loop is that it allows for adjusting to regain the initial shape.

To become a great tie buyer, learn to evaluate its body or shell. Check out the condition of the blade, gusset and the tail. These are the components that make up the whole thing and if one of these things is not right, then you will not be buying something of good quality.

Finally, choose a store or a tailor that will help you understand the maintenance of all the ties you purchase. You might pick the right fabric and proportion but fail to learn about cleaning and storage which can significantly reduce the lifespan.

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