How Luxury Lifestyle Bloggers Market Their Brands

By Ruth Fox

If you have a premium brand you are building a marketing strategy for, taking a different approach would be a good thing for you. Here, it is experiences that more than anything else. Most of the information out there on marketing strategies is only for work meant to market mass brands. Talking to one of the Luxury Lifestyle Bloggers will give you a better perspective about this.

At the premium level, going with brand values will be the first mistake to failure. Hardly will anyone in your target audience notice your brand. These customers have no time to start identifying with some brand values. Most of them have seen it all and you do not need to start educating them. You need to be specific to something. Share with them your beliefs and it will go a long way to segment them.

If you are still thinking of getting as many clients as possible for your premium brand, it will only help to frustrate your efforts. If you get to think of it, there are few people at that premium level. Therefore, when you customize your message for the mass audience, you will just get a royal snub from your target audience. You should be targeting clients whose beliefs align with your brand.

How you present yourself is how you will be perceived. Anyone can build their brand in minutes just with internet connection and a computer. There are uncountable sites that can help with designing free logos. You can then outsource your content to someone over the internet and have your message in public within hours. Premium brands, on the other hand, are more of visual icons than logos.

You should never be in a hurry to choose your symbol. Instead take time to come with the right one, even if it is a concept. From that point, you should then make it an icon that any premium customer will want to identify with. You can only achieve this through constant repetition. Here, you are not just trying to catch their attention, but inculcating your brand beliefs in the right clients.

A proper luxury brand does not stop their efforts at offering the product. You must think of going an extra mile, to get your clients involved. You can start this at having highly attentive salespersons. You can also consider having very prompt customer service. In addition to that, always think of how you are going to make your clients experience that product in a unique way.

Some premium perfume brands choose to hand blend and prepare each perfume individually before the customer as they wait. This assures the customers that they are not buying a product that has faded with time on the shelves. Once this is done, the name of the customer is also printed on the label. This is a ritual that every client will want to take part in, each time their perfume is used up.

Initially, it was enough for such premium brands physical stores. Today however, it is how the brand makes that store multi-functional that matters. Be innovative at the point of purchase. Make sure to come up with an activity that will communicate the beliefs of your brand.

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