The Art Of Making Customized Clothing

By Virginia Lee

Clothing depicts the personality or the culture of a community. People in different countries have their own style. The fashion industry is an area that is continuously evolving. Nowadays customizing the dress as per our own need is becoming a trend. People wear different cloths for changing seasons. Sometimes they design apparel for different occasions. Personalize your dress with custom woven clothing labels.

Weaving is a method in textile production for designing fabrics. This is done using cotton, wool or silk threads. Mostly all the cloths are made through this process. This uses a machine called as loom. In earlier days the loom is operated manually by a person. This is the reason why the dress produced by this process is called as hand loom.

Cloths which are made of woolen material insulate our body from cold climate. This keeps the body hygienic and protects from infection and toxic materials. Cloths also provide protection from sunlight containing ultraviolet rays. People are so accustomed to wearing cloth that it is embarrassing to live without it in the society. A person without cloths is considered to be indecent.

Silk is one of the natural wonders of the world. This is the only fiber which is produced naturally unlike cotton or wool. These are produced by silkworms which live in mulberry tree. As this material has a shining texture it is costly. There are facts showing this material was used by very old ancient civilization.

Cotton is soft substance obtained from plants. Mostly is extracted from the seed of the plant. There are facts showing the usage of cotton before the birth of Christ. This material is not only used for wearing but also used in hospitals for treating wounds and in surgery. Compared to all fabrics this is the most widely used.

The apparel industry provided employment to many people. The scope is high here because the fiber obtained from worm or plant has to be first separated to a thread. Then this thread is put into a weaving machine to produce cloth. Hence this requires manpower and mass production.

Textile is a material containing combination of natural or artificial fibers. This material is produced by weaving in loom machine with cotton, wool and silk together. The material is assembled into a dress by tailoring. The cost of the textile varies based on the quality of given cloth. Greater the quality higher the price.

There are budget designers who can customize the dresses according to our pricing. We can make high end fabrics which are expensive and the same dress can be made available to people at an affordable price. Nowadays many celebrities have their personal designers who can customize the design as per their need. The rich textiles are mostly designed only for special occasions.

As much as we need food and water the cloths are a part and parcel of our body. This is something that we even wear in our sleep. We wear dresses while taking bath in beach.

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