Shopping For Venetian Trade Beads Guide

By Carl Sullivan

This guide is aimed at helping shoppers who are interested in learning about how to buy beautiful Venetian style beads in a variety of colors and styles. Venetian trade beads may seem like a challenge to find if you're not very experienced. However the good news is that with some insider tips finding the right products to suit your needs is only a step away.

The history of trade Beads from Venice is extremely interesting. They are dated from the early 15th century and beyond. They were typically used in trade between European cities and regions such as Africa. African traders sold the beads for use in ceremonial clothing and masks.

These beads were coveted and it's easy to understand why. They are hand blown in glass and came in an amazing variety of colours and shapes. Today many designers and artists are seeking them for use in a variety of products.

Designers use these beads in an extremely broad range of products. They might be used to decorate home furnishings such as curtains and cushions. You can also see them used in lighting fixtures and chandeliers.

Among the most popular uses is jewellery. From chokers to bracelets and pendants Venetian beads can make jewellery extra special. You can also find small beads utilised in designing drop earrings. Many designers and jewellery makers are seeking these types of beads to give their work that unique touch.

If you are interested in learning more about where you can buy beautiful beads from Italy it is not always easy to find resources. However luckily there is much information if you know where to look. The following paragraphs show you some options.

If your budget is very limited there are many ways to save money when investing in trade beads from Venice. For example you can find many reproduction beads which are much cheaper than the originals. They aim to replicate the beautiful colour and shape of antique styles.

In fact there are some companies that focus entirely on producing reproduction Venetian beading in a variety of colours and styles. You might find some examples by searching on the internet. These are relatively cheap to ship across the country so there is no shortage of Internet sellers. For those who want to buy antique versions of Venetian beads there are many options on offer. One good place to look is an antique store. Visit the website in advance to see what kind of products they sell. You can also find some stores that focus solely on selling a broad range of glass beads. This is a great opportunity to see a wide array of approaches and styles. No matter which route you decide on it is very important to be a smart and safe consumer and every step. That requires that you carefully check any vendors or products that you are considering investing in. Making sure that they can be counted upon to be secure safe and reputable is very important. For tips on this topic, try checking a consumer guide for designers. They can be found online and in book stores.

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