Ideas For PTA Fundraising Plano Texas

By Cynthia Lee

Elementary and middle schools each year struggle to raise enough cash with which to operate. They may have money for basic expenses thanks to state and federal subsidies. However, they lack the extra money needed to pay for miscellaneous expenses like field trips, classroom equipment, or teacher supplies. When you need ideas for PTA fundraising Plano Texas leaders like you may be open to all suggestions. These tips could help your school raise cash and have enough on hand this school year.

One of the biggest hurdles groups like yours face every year involves convincing people to buy whatever it is you have to sell. It can be vital that you remember that most people in cities like yours may be living from paycheck to paycheck. Even if they have money left over at the end of payday, they may not want to blow it on silly items.

With that, items like candles or gift wrapping paper are more likely to be turned down because they are overpriced and not anything that will come in handy on a daily basis. People will see no purpose in spending cash on these things because they realize they can get them cheaper from a dollar store or a big box retailer. As such, you might forgo these traditional ideas in favor of more practical solutions.

However, fundraisers that sell food that people can eat right away are more likely to be met with success. Candy bars sold for under a buck or tubs of cookie dough that can yield dozens of batches of cookies can sell better because people get something they can use right away. They also get an immediate and solid return on their investment.

Further, the company that fronts the inventory will only typically take a small cut of your profits, meaning you could bring in upwards of 50 percent in the sales. This cash can then be put to whatever use you and the organization intends for it. Many students can sell dozens of candy bars or tubs of cookie dough in a matter of days.

Another inventive way to get people to donate money involves soliciting donations to your organization. You could ask community businesses to donate goods like beauty or health supplies, pet items, or perhaps even big ticket items like a car or boat. You can then raffle off tickets to people and give them a chance to win the donated goods.

In this type of fundraiser, you get to keep all of the profits for the ticket sales. The businesses that donate can write off their donations on their taxes as charitable contributions. Your school gets to retain all of the ticket sales and put the money to good use in the classroom or for whatever purpose the leaders see fit.

These suggestions for fundraising can pay off big when you need to think of innovative ways to get people to buy from you. Most people will turn down offers for candles and gift wrap. They prefer practical goods that they can use right away and will not cost a lot of money to buy. They also will purchase raffle tickets to win big prizes.

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