Buy Affordable Handmade Ties For Work And Nightlife

By Marie Peterson

Contrary to what some people say, the suit does not make the man. The reason is that not all body types look good in sharp lines or trendy colors. What matters the most is the fabric quality, fit, and color coordination. This does not mean creating a vibrant color palette but making reasonable suit pairings with affordable handmade ties made with fine fabric and craftsmanship.

Those who buy designer suits without a good tailor may find their money wasted. There are some body types or scenarios that may only call for a tie and slacks. For instance, those who are muscular or stout may want to steer clear of skinny cut bottoms and jackets. Bottoms should fit well in the hips and waistline without being too tight.

Although having at least one silk tie is good for special occasions, having one in a knit or other fabric that complements khaki pants is a good idea also. Especially since some office jobs may involve a little physical labor, it helps to have something that can handle the delicate wash. While some job title may not require a person to get dressed up, it does make a nice impression when attending big meetings or networking events.

While a clean white shirt is nice and can give a nice contrast to dark colored ties, experimenting a little with color cannot hurt. Anyone who wears navy slacks with a dark blue and green plaid tie may want to pair these with a tan or pale yellow buttoned shirt. The best rule of thumb is to have a dominant dark or neutral color complemented by a color that is neutral or vibrant.

In many conservative office settings, vibrant colors like fuschia, kelly green, and royal blue are best as trim. Meaning that a hint of this type of color, like a tie or visible lining, is best in a limited capacity. If a man is working as support staff in an environment where everyone is expected to dress exceptional, it may help to look at a color wheel and understand combinations.

Since there are limited funds to hire a stylist or personal shopper, this is an alternative that can be done for free. Color coordination basics can be found online and choices can be made. Once a man learns how to match colors, they can buy several ties and vests to create different looks for less.

While someone on a budget may not be able to get their suits made by a tailor, it should not hurt to get at least two shirts made. Although some work environments are moving towards casual attire five days a week, there are some scenarios when looking best on a budget is best when moving up in the world. It helps to pay attention to days when special meetings or onsite social events are being planned. These are the times when the tops that have been washed but have a trace of sweat should be left at home.

This is to say that dressing up for the job does not have to costly or require spending a lot of time at the mall. The key is to invest in pieces that are made with durable fabric and can be matched with other colors for a little visual appeal. Anyone who can tie a tie within a few minutes can create a nice but practical look quickly.

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