Traits Possessed By Authentic African Trade Beads

By Richard Hall

Beads are used as a form of accessories for the body. They help in enhancing the beauty of a person. In many cases, one might be in need of authentic African trade beads simply because they have proven the test of time in their durability. However, the challenge sets in when you do not have an idea on what to look out for in order to identify whether the one you need belongs into such a group. There are certain things that you must have in order to help you choose.

The quality of the product matters a lot when making your selection. There are certain characteristics in the vintage industry that denote if a bead is truly an African made. For instance, if you look very closely, you will identify some ingrained dirt and dust in them. This shows the length of time that they have withstood. Also, most of them are sold in just some simple strings.

Always make sure that you confirm whether the symmetry of each of them is an even one. This is something that should be a contrary when you compare it with old aged ones. The original ones are non-symmetrical in nature. Most recent ones are even simply because they are processed by machines and given an equal excellent look.

Another common feature that can help you identify a true one is the weight of one once measured on a weighing machine. Most are very heavy as compared to the modern ones. This is simply because they were handmade, unlike the today ones that are given enough finish by a machine.

You will find that many of the vintages available have specific details that explain further on their areas of origin. As you narrow down your selections on to specific experts ensure that you work with the one who has the correct detail about the globule on it. This should explain where it exactly came from and also the group of people who used it.

There is so much difference when you compare globules that were made in a similar design. For instance, if you look closely at a bracelet you will notice that each one of them differs from the next one on the same string. The reason for this is because bare hands and not machines were used in making the writings and the designing process.

Another thing can help you identify an original product is a color. Most of them are slightly faded simply because of the many years they have been used. Most were dyed manually and that is the reason for this difference as compared to the modern ones. They were bleached by the use of iron and copper oxide extracts which in most cases came from natural products.

The texture of these products is also a bit rough. The reason for this was because the melting process involved the use of sodium and sand. This could not give one an exact smooth outcome. With this in mind then you will be able to differentiate between a fake make and an old one.

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