Suggestions For Creating Wedding Candelabra Centerpieces Everyone Will Remember

By Kenneth Hamilton

Your wedding reception is second in importance only to your nuptials. From the food to the entertainment and the flowers you want it all to come together and be a night be remember. If you plan to have a formal sit down supper, or a banquet, there is more to decide that what you and your guests will eat. The centerpieces, place settings, and linens have to set the right tone. Candelabra centerpieces, for instance, have to correspond to your theme, the table configurations, the venue regulations, and have a few surprising elements to make your tables unique.

You have a distinct style, and the theme of your reception should reflect that. The theme brings the entire room together. A theme can be almost anything. You can carry over your wedding colors or create a holiday theme. Your candelabras need to complement the overall theme. Centerpieces chosen for a rustic reception will not be the same one would choose for a Victorian or formal reception.

You have to consider the venue you are using. The venue may have regulations against guests using any materials that involve breakable glass or flame. You need to know about this from the beginning so you don't end up having to reconfigure your reception design because the candelabras aren't compatible with the venue's regulations. There are easy alternatives, such as battery operated candles, you can use with great effect.

Your candelabras have to conform to the size and configuration of your tables. If you and the groom will be seated at a head table with the wedding party and your family while other guests are seated at smaller tables, one size candelabra won't do. You might have several large candelabras arranged along the head table with smaller versions arranged on the guest tables.

Most brides want flowers to be incorporated into their centerpieces in some way. If you are planning on adding floral touches, you must decide between fresh and silk. There is nothing like fresh flowers, but they can be costly, especially if you're decorating a number of tables. Fresh flowers may not last through the reception without starting to wilt.

If you're really creative, you might eliminate the flowers altogether and go in an entirely different direction. Flowers can be hard to work with and tricky to transport. Even the silk variety are sometimes a time consuming chore. You could consider going with fruits or vegetables arranged around your candelabras for instance.

Even if you opt for traditional floral arrangements to accompany your candelabras, you can still do something unusual and unexpected. You could intermix your flowers with stone, branches, seashells, or feathers for a creative and whimsical look. Consider not using matching candelabras. You might choose something slightly different for each table to make a striking statement.

Your wedding reception look should be as unique as you are. Spending a fortune on flowers and elaborate centerpiece design isn't necessary. If you keep an open mind and let your designer use her imagination, your guests will be pleasantly surprised and impressed.

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