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By Matthew Burns

Creatures that first walked on earth were naked. This includes man. Unlike the beasts around him that had natural bodily protection all over the skin, man had none. He had to use the environment to look for coverings that can be place on the body. The first covering came from plant parts, specifically the leaves. Contemporary life uses clothes for body protection and adornment. People who buy it can find custom hang tags for clothing.

Garments are manifested in many shapes and sizes. Designs can be tailored specifically just for the male and for the female. Modern society now can see pieces that are used by both sexes. Generally the basic use of it is to wrap the skin in order to cover the delicate body parts. It was made in volume during the present era as the population grows.

Some parts of plant life are used as medium for clothing. Some are provided by furry animals and other beasts as well. Beavers have furs that are used to make coats. Crocodile skin is utilized for accessories. Cotton is the commonest that is being utilized. Mink, ermine, and sable are the preferred items that most of the elite in society that live in mansions and palaces.

Economic growth has resulted with the blooming of the textile and apparel industry. This has created millions jobs all over the world. As people multiply, the demand for more garments also increases. There however still exists a person who makes dresses individually like the couturiers. Some have shops and other just do the job at home.

The human species is a vain creature. People want to look good when they walk the streets, go to work or go on date. Garments for special occasions like wedding are custom made. Whether it be for special events or just ordinary use, it is good to gather information first before buying it. The best way to do this is to surf the net where there are tons of information available. Always read the contents of the hang tag that is attached to the apparel.

Dresses and other wearable products can be found in all malls and dress shops. These can also be made by seamstresses and couturiers that cater to individual preferences. Flea market and garage sales is also a good source. Find a distributor that is the locality of the domicile you are in.

Customize clothing is very expensive and commands a high price. Every day garments are cheaper because of mass production. The prices in both cases is determined the kind of material and the amount of work put into it. Back yard sale is also a good place to be during auctions.

Fashion elegance which is often the vanity of elite in the society often are the culprits of ecological imbalance. It is their taste of exotic things that has reduced the populations of some animal. The animals most abused for their skin are commonly those that have fur like ermines and minks.

Modern society should shy away from garments derived from sacrificing natural resources. Synthetic materials have to be developed to maintain the current state of the planet. Animals that have been ruthless slaughter for their skins should be protected. Failure to do this can be catastrophic and irrevocable.

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