5x Big T Shirts Offer More Room For Different Shapes

By Janet Cook

Anyone who sells clothing should consider adding extended, or plus, sizes to their inventory. While this demographic can be difficult to fit due to varied body types and proportions, there are some options that require very low overhead. Activewear is always in great demand and one thing about this category is that the items are more likely to fit. Whether a person needs a size 3XLT sweatsuit or 5x big t shirts for an entire family, it helps to have an array of colors and styles.

Everyone can appreciate a tee that is at least one size larger than the size they usually wear. These are ideal for working out, as unsightly bulges can be concealed and make for a better workout session. People also like to wear this as a bathing suit cover in the warmer months. Even if a person is not considered plus size, they may find themselves shopping for larger tees because they make an affordable fashion staple.

One reason why t shirts will never go away is they can be decorated with appliques or colorful screen graphic art. People can express themselves with a funny slogan or witty prose just to get a conversation started. Not to mention, a quality tee shirt can last for years.

In the past, people of different sizes had their clothes made. Half a century ago, department stores rarely carried dress sizes larger than a size 18. Although it was more socially acceptable for men to have a noticeable girth, there were few fashionable options for them to choose regularly,

Some women of a certain age like to wear oversized shirts in different colors because they are comfortable. The other reason is that these have enough fabric to hide body flaws and are ideal when engaged in a light activity. A good example is going grocery shopping where bending over and kneeling is to be expected.

For a lot of early retailers, selling apparel for larger sizes was not always easy. This was mostly due to body proportions and sometimes height. While the majority of items were made for people of average height, individuals who were very short or tall may have had additional challenges.

When targeting women, listing the numerous benefits will drive sales. If one has a mail order operation, it may be helpful to emphasize features like wide cut sleeves, wrinkle resistant fabric, or materials that absorb perspiration. Add any one of these, along with a wide selection of solid colors or prints, and any seller will probably find this to be a nice investment.

It may also help to have different lengths in stock, as some buyers may also be very tall in stature. One way to gauge what a certain audience may like, it helps to browse online clothing sites for larger sizes. Descriptions and customer feedback are sure to provide a wealth of information.

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