1950s Dresses Patterns Are Great Costume Ideas

By Frances Miller

Retro fashions normally have their own place in history. Bell bottoms, neon colored clothing, and suits with large shoulder pads are some of the more popular trends throughout the years. However, the era that brought us black and white family sitcoms, rockabilly style music, and the original drive in burger joint take some people on a time travel. The fashions from this period are memorable as well. Instead of going to a thrift or specialty retailer to find apparel from this period, anyone that can use a sewing machine may like 1950s dresses patterns.

Just by looking at this period in fashion, there is one thing that most women like and that is extra room. A lot of the dresses and skirts were made for those with ample bottoms and small waistlines. Even if a female did not have the perfect hourglass shape, there were subtle enhancements that gave them a little curvature.

Although many who were around during the period also appreciated the simple use of color, using a pattern would allow any sewer to add their own personal touch. One idea would be to create a full skirt using denim fabric but add a rainbow or shimmer petticoat underneath. Leftover fabric may be used to make a wide waist knicker belt, which is good for creating an illusion of a smaller waistline.

As some styles never leave completely, one thing worth considering is working with someone that has sewing skills. Hiring an independent tailor or dressmaker is not as expensive as some people may think. These people know how to fit clothing for various types of bodies and can buy fabric for less than most consumers.

Short swing coats and jackets made a nice companion. Dolman sleeves created a nice balance between pronounced bustlines and tapered waistlines. Cardigan sweaters were also popular during this time period and those with beaded applique were ideal for semi formal social gatherings or nighttime wear.

What is also fund were some of the hairdos. Pin curls are not only easy to do but a lot more comfortable than sleeping in rollers. These are also easy maintenance since the longer bobby pins remain in the hair, the more lasting the curl. Anyone who needs to run a quick errand can just put on a large knit cap or wrap head in a scarf.

For those who wanted to show off their naturally lean body, the pencil skirt was the perfect tool for those with slender hips and thighs. While the earlier styles were made for those with ample hips, anyone who wore these was sure to get an admirer from afar. Add a pair of pumps or ankle strap heels, anyone could have a slightly sexy side.

When it comes to dressing up, there should be no boundaries. People know that fashions go and then return but only with minor changes. Anyone with decent sewing skills should use this opportunity to experiment and make small changes as they please. Especially if they are looking to build a business or selling clothes to those with ample body shapes.

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