Choosing A Wedding Coordinator Austin TX

By Martha Richardson

There are various terms that are used in reference to someone that is hired to help with a wedding. They can be referred to as planners, consultants, event managers or coordinators. You need to find out what you need done and what the professional that is chosen includes in their packages. When considering the services of a wedding coordinator Austin TX residents need to make the right choices.

One of the first things would be to decide what you require from the coordinator. There are people that might require services of coordinators only for the day of the function while others will prefer that they plan for all the details required. There are planners that only specialize on coordination on the day of the function while others work with clients from beginning to end. After you get to decide what you require from the planner, you can narrow down the list to choose from.

Some kind of research will be required. In general, coordinators tend to be very versatile but some of them are specific when it comes to themes that they use, colors and overall organization of events. The person that you opt for is supposed to be very creative and with new ideas for the function. Irrespective of what the client vision is, you will need to get someone that shares in your vision and has adequate experience.

After having a shortlist of top picks, you need to contact them. You should be free to ask questions on any required details and what the work will involve. For example, they should tell you all services that they offer and if they will be available on your set date. You also need to share with them the expected number of guests. It will be a good chance to share details of what your wedding involves. If you are sure you are in agreement, you can arrange a meeting to further discuss finer details.

You will need to be prepared for the meeting with the coordinator. This involves putting together a number of photos and any ideas that you might be having. The planner should be put in the know of your preferred style. They should endorse the style and ideally give additional ideas to make the occasion stand out. The meeting enables a client to gauge ability of a planner and to see if they will be able to work closely.

References should be checked. You should ideally call them. You must not be afraid to find out the truth about what work they have done previously and the way their clients are treated. References will give a clear idea about how effective the person can work and the quality of their services.

It will then be time to seal the deal. You need to take time and compare prices, notes and formal proposals if there were any. You will need to call the preferred planner and tell them the intention to work with them. A contract will need to be signed.

The charges for their services will need to be considered. Different wedding coordinators charge differently for their services. A decision should not be based entirely on price.

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