Information About Sublimation Clothing Decoration

By John Harris

There are many advancements that have been made possible due to the embrace of technology in every sector. The apparel industry has evolved and fashion has transformed what people wear. Individuals want to express themselves even in the way they dress. There many different methods of printing and one of them is sublimation clothing. The discussion below will help you know what entails this kind of production.

This is a process which involves the bonding of ink into the fabric. This is dissimilar to having it on top as in the case of screen printing. The latter method depends on a chemical additive which is known as a binder to attach to the fabric while in the former, molecular bonding is involved. The end product is able to resist any peeling, cracking or even fading. The garment can be washed over and over and the design still remains.

You may ask, just how does the bonding occur? Well, there are various actions which are performed. A unique ink and paper are used to print the image. This is then cut off from the paper and pressed on the fabric using heat at the correct degree. The ink is then incorporated into the material making it part of it and also makes the garment have a soft feeling.

The action is not suitable for all textile used for manufacture of attires. The best to use are polymers and polyesters. However, some chemicals added to them can interfere making them unsuitable for use. Others may be made of a blend of fabric. The ideal blend is one which has a fifty percent composition of suitable material. Due to the high temperature applied, cotton and wool should not be used.

Color is important when printing to obtain the best result. White is suitable but when selected, it should not be part of the customized design. Other colors can be used and will replace the white if the image has included it. However, there are limitations involved such that they might fade if their dye was set at a lower temperature than that of the heat press. Testing should be done prior to printing.

There are two categories of procedures which are spot and allover printing respectively. Spot system is cheaper to use and is the most common. The graphic is printed on the transfer paper and afterward its discarded when the action is over. Its usually smaller than the paper used since the edges are not utilized.

Allover exercise involves covering the wear with ink from the top to bottom. It could be one side or both. The image is therefore large compared to that of above system. It is possible for you to create white prints with it. It is however expensive since equipment needed are larger.

To end, this is a very effective way to customize your gears. You can achieve the desired graphics by selecting the right machinery to use. Although not all things are applicable, you just have to identify what can work for the decorations to make sense.

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