Why Should You Buy Rough Emerald

By Matthew Ward

Diamonds are well-known for heir beauty and amazing hardness. Although they are quite similar to diamonds, emeralds are quite fragile, when compared to them, and their appealing color is the result of chromium and or vanadium impurities within. These impurities make them more fragile, but also give them this amazingly beautiful color. You can buy rough emerald and cut it to become one brilliant and appealing gemstone.

Emeralds are mostly found in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia, although the most beautiful and appreciated ones traditionally come from Colombia. It is mostly considered that they are of the highest quality, although, there are some new location in Zambia and Brazil that are the source of really interesting color variations you might find interesting. Yellowish stones are also really nice.

Bluish or pure green emeralds mostly come from Colombia. Those with vivid saturation and perfect color are the most valuable ones, although this still depends on your taste, at least if you are buying gemstones for your own pleasure. Besides having the perfect color, these lovely stones should also be perfectly cut, because perfect cutting will bring out all their beauty.

When buying rough stones, you get them by more affordable price. If you are experienced enough to recognize the real value, you can make a great profit in this. Some small imperfections may just be the thing that will produce the most beautiful pieces. In any case, even the leftovers may be used in making jewelry to remember, although, it would be nice to get a few large ones as well.

In fact, it became quite popular lately to use uncut pieces of emeralds in designing lovely pieces of jewelry. These pieces look simply adoring combined with silver, although emeralds also look great in combination with gold. But, these beautiful gemstones have also some other properties, beside their beauty, and some people appreciate them for their properties as well.

These beautiful gems have other great properties you should value. For example, emeralds bring wealth and prosperity, and it is good to wear them in any occasion. They also have very good impact on your mental abilities, memory, learning and concentration. People say these lovely gems can also balance all areas of your life, and this is something that should be appreciated as well.

If you aren't so experienced in buying rough gemstones, make sure to learn more about them before deciding to buy some, or at least ask for advice first. Buying rough gemstones may also be a very good investment, if you know what to buy and what to look for when choosing your stones. That's why you should know more about it all.

This market can be complicated, and there is a whole lot of luck in it, too. In any case, you need to know what to look for. If you do this all for a hobby, or if you are serious about becoming an expert, one thing is for certain. You will simply enjoy in these amazingly beautiful stones, shiny and glittering, mysterious and lovely. If you make some money with this, even better.

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