When In Need Of Botox Oklahoma City Is The Place To Go

By Walter Ellis

Natural sources like forests, soils and lakes are some of the places where the Botox bacterium can be derived. Living organisms also have this bacterium in different parts like organs of crabs, fish gills and mammalian intestinal tracts. After is has been harvested it is enhanced then used due to its medicinal properties. It is used in medicine and cosmetics. In medicine it is used in treating muscular conditions while it is added in cosmetic products as anti-wrinkle additive. It paralyzes muscles temporarily thereby slowing formation of wrinkles. To consult a specialist in botox Oklahoma City presents a good place to check out.

Botox is usually harmless but the problem arises only when the spores transform in to vegetative cells. In doing so the cell population increase and they begin producing botulinum toxin which is deadly and responsible for botulism. It is estimated that a single gram could kill as many as a million people. Botulism is a severe life threatening illness and if left untreated may result in respiratory failure and death.

The irony is that toxic Botulimun is highly demanded in the cosmetic and medical industries. Scientists know how to manipulate it by applying it in small doses in cosmetic products. This way it can prevent formation of wrinkles without causing harm to the user. It works through paralysis where it cuts off muscles from receiving signals originating from the nerve cells. A botulinum injection works by preventing the body from secreting acetycholine which is a chemical compound.

The messenger chemical compound Acetylcholine is responsible for transmitting contraction and relaxation signals from muscle cells to receptors. The continuous relaxation and contraction is what causes wrinkles on the skin. Preventing transmission of that signals means that the muscles will not relax and contract thereby preventing wrinkles. With no wrinkles a youthful appearance is retained even as one ages.

Positive sides of botox are numerous, this results to its application in many other areas but mainly cosmetic industry and medicine. Curing and bringing down the look of wrinkles and fine lines on the face is done using this substance. Moreover, its medicinal purpose is to treat circumstances like leaky bladders, unreasonable sweating, squinty eyes and migraines. It is advised to be used for therapeutic purposes like urinary incontinence, overactive bladder chronic migraine and many others.

It is administered to a person by diluting it with saline and injecting it directly in to the neuromuscular tissue. It may take between twenty four to seventy two hours for it to take effect. The effect is quite visible and can be observed. Though some precautions have to be observed when administering it to a patient. Like it should never be administered to pregnant or lactating women because it can be dangerous to the fetus.

Anyone with a history of previous allergy to the injection should not be subjected to it again. Like any other drug it comes with its side effects which should be minimal when correctly administered. The body of everyone reacts differently to botox injection. Some produce antibodies which deactivate the bacterium thus rendering the injection ineffective.

Aside that Botox may cause some unwanted effects which include mild pain especially at the injection site. Numbness, headaches, mild nausea, temporary unwanted weakness or in some cases paralysis, Weakness of the lower eyelids which may result to difficulty in controlling eye movement, gall bladder dysfunction among others.

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