Things To Consider Before Buying Emerald Engagement Rings

By Brian Rogers

To have someone important to share your life with is a blessing. This is the kind of person one would like to start a family with. Those in a serious relationship may want to take it to the next level. That level is marriage. The tough part will have to be selecting an engagement ring and figuring out how to propose. The information below describes what people should consider when purchasing emerald engagement rings.

Go for the emerald cut. This popular cut comes out beautifully and is versatile in terms of the finished look that can be created. Different gems can go through this cut, which usually looks rectangular. In case a designer would like to incorporate other stones with the ring, it can be done as long as the individual can create an amazing piece.

Opt for other cuts. The princess kind creates a square gem that has a slight rise in the middle. A round cut is similar to the latter except that the final shape that is created is round. The pear cut is round on one side and pointed on the other. A ring that is pointed on both ends is said to have a marquise cut. A popular design for emeralds is the round cut.

Consider the color and possibility of inclusions. These stones have a rich green color. Some of these stones could have a touch of yellow or blue color alongside them. The kind that is richly green is rare and can be quite expensive. Most emeralds have inclusions and go through treatments to minimize their visibility. The surfaces can be treated using polymers, and in some cases, heat treatment is used.

Have an item that has ideal weight. Therefore, choose the number of carats. Every woman would want to have a large ring that just stands out as they stretch their arms. However, a larger ring is likely to be more pricey. Individuals have a variety of items to choose from. The price of each will determine the final decision that one makes.

The history of the stone. Individuals believe that emeralds are a symbol of wealth and good fortune. They are said to bring calmness to the individual who possesses it. Individuals in relationships gave them as a sign of trust. This helped encourage faithfulness among couples. It also showed hope for better days, and this could mean a long lasting relationship.

Be aware of imitation rings. Some people are professionals at passing off fake jewelry as the real thing. They may still sell them at higher prices, and unsuspecting clients may pay assuming that they are investing in something legit. The best thing to do is go to a jeweler who can know whether a particular item is real or fake.

Select where to purchase. Selected stores have the original items. There are also online stores that may sell the same items. Stores that have a physical location are likely to have jewelers on site to help clients know the right rings to purchase. This is the best place to try on different rings before selecting the perfect one.

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