The Green Dress Mrs Dalloway Influence

By Deborah Kelly

Literature is another form of art. This field is very expressive and honest. As well as dangerous. That is right. It could bring you to another world. It does not have any restrictions. You can say that it is limitless. That is pretty amazing, though. It gives your thoughts some forms and shapes. It makes you realized about your own feelings and weaknesses.

Thanks to this effect, by seeing that person and listening to his voice, somehow, you would be able to understand his thoughts and feelings. This is pretty common, particularly, in movies and books. The thing is, people who get this effect are those individuals who try to put themselves on the shoe of the main character. Understanding how literature works in your life is important. You see, for just a moment, it could influence your actions. It could affect your performance and beliefs. Of course, it is pretty enjoyable. However, if you do not know how to control it, do your best to become a responsible reader. Choose the best literature that would suit your life. Surely, you might be quite popular about the green dress Mrs Dalloway.

Regardless of your generation, assure that you can relate. You better read it. Due to its good market response, there are many designers and tailors who decided to imitate the dress of the protagonist. If you like to become like her, then, buying the dress might motivate you. If you are a die hard fan, spending a penny or two of your favorite material will never be bad.

They are real, though. The book might be a product of fiction. However, the things that are discussed here, the words, they are real. This is a kind of literature that could change and influence the world. Indeed, writers are very powerful. If they would not use their talent effectively, they might lead the future generation astray.

Just like the story, no matter how novel or wealthy you could be, you still got weaknesses and problems too. That is inevitable. That also goes to the weak. Regarding of your poor status, you still have some strengths and weaknesses. Somehow, these differences are what makes human on equal footing. Certainly, if you wanted it to, you have the power to bring someone down.

There will be developments. Unfortunately, it has some risks too. Changed does not only apply to technologies. They also go to your life. It does not only limit your age. It also affects and influences the society. Just look at the society today. Compared before, there are many people who are become quite open minded.

Thanks to it, acceptance become quite possible. Discrimination has been highly oppressed. However, as you can see it, it has some setbacks too. As for these, everything has been clear like a glass. Whether you would go with the flow or not, that is up to you. Do not just depend on those people around you.

Unless you have an endless form of luck, that might be possible. However, in this world, regardless of your status or wealth, you got your own struggles too. You got weaknesses. Overcome it one by one. You can only overcome your problems after failing.

You could cry all you want about your bad decisions. You could always fear the thought of failing. However, the thing is, the only thing that greatly matters as for this time is the present. Therefore, make sure to protect it with all your strength. Be determined enough.

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