Easy Tips For Turning Sparkle Fabrics Into Impressive Designer Looking Creations

By Gary Wallace

Even if you are a good seamstress, the idea of trying your hand at a sequined dress may seem pretty intimidating. You know how expensive the material is, and the idea of ruining it or not finishing the project, may keep you from even attempting it. If you are planning to attend a big event though, and want to make a big splash with your outfit, sparkle fabrics are the way to go.

You need to keep it simple with an easy design and a basic pattern. You will have to use a pattern appropriate to stretch materials because material with sewn sequins has a stretchy element to it. This material tends to be somewhat bulky as well, so a design with a straightforward shape works best. Patterns that have small pieces and darts should be avoided.

Whether or not the pattern calls for it, you need to plan on lining your dress. You will need good lining material, which costs a little more. The extra step takes more time, but you'll be glad the dress is lined when you sit down in it for the first time. Without lining, the material is going to be scratchy and uncomfortable. You may eliminate some facing pieces by using lining, which will help with the bulkiness.

Top stitching is a popular detail, but it won't work with sequined material. When you are looking at patterns, you should find one that doesn't use top stitching to create necklines or hemlines. You can slip stitch the lining to the sequined material.

Ironing as you go is a sign of a true seamstress. The experienced know this makes sewing easier and eliminates a lot of potential trouble spots. Ironing sequined material will get you in trouble however. You might melt the sequins or damage them significantly. The best thing to do is remove the sequins from the inside to flatten the seam. If you are trying to avoid this tedious process, you can try finger pressing the seams.

There are certain types of material that will make a mess of your sewing machine, and sequin fabric is one of them. It will can also ruin scissors and will certainly dull the blades. Instead of your expensive shears, get out an old pair of scissors you can throw away after if you want. Leather needles are what you need to get through sequins. Don't try to use your serger. It won't work.

Since you've decided to give sewing sequin fabric a try, you have to remember that it's not like most material. You just have to relax and take your time when you are working with it. There's no point in trying to clean the metallic pieces off the table or out of the carpet until you're finished. Don't feel bad if you don't remove the sequins from the seams. It's not a big deal.

Instead of starting with a full blown dress, you might try something simple like a sleeveless top. If you're pleased with the results, you can go on to a more complicated project. Either way, everyone will think you are wearing exclusive designer clothes.

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