A Synopsis Of Natural Conch Pearls

By Kevin McDonald

The beauty of a person plays a great part in the way people associate with such an individual. This can be improved by wearing various ornaments that will give one a unique appearance that will contribute to this beauty. Among the celebrated ornaments is the natural conch pearls. These are rare ornaments found at the Caribbean. The summary below focuses on the significance of these treasures.

Natural pearls are rarely found. Their demand in the market is, therefore, higher thus raising their price tags considerably. Owning a product made of the item will be a great way of representing a higher social class. Consequently, people will respect you and assign a high social status from such a presentation. One develops high esteem from the assigned status thus building a strong personal character.

These natural treasures can only be produced by queen conchs. Human intervention does not affect increased production. The production level will, therefore, remain low as time passes on. People have given different values to the treasures. Some use them to perform rituals while the largest population uses them for ornamental reasons. Their natural occurrence has made them unique from other pearls considerably.

The shades in these rocks are special. Different pearls have different colors thus allowing one to apply artistic skills in designing a given jewelry. You have the opportunity to select the most preferred color. Pink gems are given a high value that makes them the most expensive. Their pigment is attractive and unique which has a positive impact on the appearance.

The size of such a couch gem is small thus allowing flexibility. One can make different artifacts from these products. For instance, a necklace can be produced with the pearls and other elements. A ring can also be produced using this rare ornament among others. The flexibility makes this unusual sea product more valuable. Your preferences can be met by a specialist if you want to customize one to a given jewelry.

The creature responsible for the production of these rare ornaments is the queen conch. This is a rare sea snail that is edible. Residents of the Caribbean have developed numerous recipes for this sea creature that reward them with more products than just food. Only a small percentage produces the pearls since this comes as a reaction of body to the irritation. Nonetheless, the creature will always remain useful.

Increased demand for the treasures has contributed greatly to excessive fishing of these special sea snails. Their numbers have dropped drastically thus threatening their existence in the coming years. Due to this fact, some nations have enacted laws to stop the harvesting although it continues to flourish in others. South Caribbean nations have left the fishermen to continue harvesting them freely.

The protection of these and other endangered creatures has a great impact as it maintains the ecosystem significantly. Although the supply of conch pearls to the market will drop, states should regulate the rate of harvesting of queen conchs thus retaining the numbers at a productive level. The consumption rate must be regulated for the sake of future generations.

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