Reasons For Buying Rough Emerald

By Paul Price

Smaragados is a Greek word for green. From there, through similar Latin word, to Emeralds we all love and appreciate. These beryl gemstones are so lovely colored thanks to vanadium or chromium impurities within, and sometimes both, as well as a little bit of iron. Light or darker shades of bluish or even yellowish green stone comes from Brazil, Colombia and Zambia, as a rough emerald.

For some time now, the most beautiful blue green gemstones come from Colombia, and these are highly appreciated. Even so, Zambia's stones found lately were really nice, dark colored and with fewer flaws. Brazil, Zambia and, of course, Colombia, are the best producers of these gems, but they were found on other destinations as well. In any case, the best quality gems should be in medium dark tones of bluish green, with strong or vivid saturation.

Every gemstone symbolizes something. This one is well-known as the stone of heart, and it symbolizes love and compassion, as well as mercy. Emeralds bring balance into your life, not only physical and mental, but also spiritual and emotional. They bring harmony and understanding, positive atmosphere and elevated energy levels.

These stones are great for students, because they promote learning abilities and bring mental clarity. It's easier to focus on something, or to decide what is really important. Since they increase energy levels, remove negative emotions and energies and create more positive atmosphere to work and learn in, they also bring success in all areas of the life, including business, bringing prosperity and wealth.

Emerald's healing abilities are widely appreciated. These lovely stones can regulate your blood pressure, protecting your heart and blood vessels. They can be really great in alleviating different inflammation processes, infections and numerous similar problems. They have very good impact on your digestion and can bring relief to people suffering from various muscle and joint issues.

Calming ability of this lovely gemstone is well-known, and that's why it is often used by people ho want to balance their emotions or solve any emotional or mental problem. When it comes to different human relations, it affects positively love and friendship. Better understanding, more positive atmosphere and harmony describe emerald's qualities.

As it was said before, slightly bluish green gemstones with vivid or at least strong saturation and medium dark tone are highly appreciated. Even so, you will probably find some other colors more than appealing, and the first reason for choosing a gemstone should be your own personal choice. It depends on the reason for buying them, of course, but if you aren't sure, ask for a professional advice.

When the gem is in its rough state, it isn't so shiny as you expect it to be. Cutting brings out its most valuable qualities, and makes it so shiny and mysterious. On the other hand, rough pieces could also look great if you use them as they are, for making earrings or some other jewelry pieces. They are beautiful in any form, intriguing and magical, luxurious and comforting at the same time. They bring beauty, luxury and balance into your life.

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