The Stones In Your Pink Sapphire And Topaz Bracelet Have An Interesting History Behind Them

By Ryan Myers

Most people put on jewelry without thinking anything about the significance of the stones in them or the designs of their pieces. Certain individuals purchase jewelry that qualify as art and more meant to be more than casual adornments. These people are often fascinated about the history, folklore, and beliefs that are associated with the pieces. A pink sapphire and topaz bracelet for example, combines two gems with interesting histories.

People have been adorning their arms and wrists for thousands of years. The earliest bracelets are believed to have been constructed of local grasses and twigs mostly in China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. After the Bronze Age, artists began to use precious metals like silver and gold to make their jewelry. Pieces became more and more complex when the wealthiest citizens started to collect them.

If you were born in September, you may already know that sapphires are the traditional birthstone of this month. Sapphires are considered symbols of truth, faithfulness, and nobility. Most people associate sapphires with brilliant blue. Prince Charles gifted Diana with a blue sapphire perhaps because it is also associated with royalty and romance. During the Middle Ages, religious orders wore the gems as a symbol of heaven.

Both sapphires and rubies are corundums. Sapphires can come in many colors and hues, but they are never red. Red corundums are rubies. A pink stone may be either a ruby or a sapphire. The deeper the shade of pink, the more valuable the stone. Pink sapphires with an orange hue are called padparadscha. This is translated as lotus flower in the language of the Sri Lankan people. The Asian country is virtually the only place true padparadscha is found.

Topaz is the birthstone of November. The word means fire in Sanskrit and is a good anniversary gift for couples in their fourth or twenty-third year of marriage. Blue is the most common color of the gem. The golden yellow and orange pinkish red are the most desirable colors. As with sapphires, the deeper the color the more valuable the stone is. These stones are abundant and popular.

In ancient times, Egyptians wore topaz amulets to prevent injury. The ancient Greeks thought the stones gave them the power of invisibility and enormous strength. During the Middle Ages healers used them in rituals to prevent death and make believers well again.

When these two stones are combined in one piece of jewelry, they compliment each other and have special significance. They are both considered precious metals rather than general minerals. Through the ages they have both been considered fit for the wealthiest in society. The gems are equally associated with romance and healing. Some believe wearing both gems gives people they encounter a positive impression of them.

Owning and wearing interesting jewelry can be a good conversation starter. When people see what you have chosen and question you about its significance, it is fun to give them some historical facts, superstitions, and ancient beliefs. Your friends will be impressed with your knowledge.

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