Simple Facts You May Need To Know About Body Piercings Chicago

By Janet Wallace

Getting tattoos and piercings are growing in popularity. They are now longer just for convicts or military personnel, they are now viewed as a fashion statement that just about everyone is proud to show. In the past, getting their earlobes pierced was something a teenage girl looked forward to. Now earrings are being worn by men and women from all walks of life. Getting simple modifications are a way to adorn their bodies while marking milestones that happen during a lifetime. If you are considering getting one of your own, it is suggested that you talk to a professional about body piercings Chicago.

Displaying jewelry from the ear lobes have been a practice for thousands of years. It is well known that ancient tribes and civilizations adorn their bodies with jewelry to make a statement of wealth and well-being. Sometimes modifications were done in the name of religion, as well. Another popular ear mod is the Targus. It is when the front flap of cartilage gets a hoop or post inserted into it.

A daith is another one that goes through cartilage. It punctures the folded piece located on the inside of the outer ear. It is growing in popularity because it has a reputation for eliminating or lessening the frequency of chronic headaches. Even though there is no scientific proof that it works, there are many people out there that swear by it.

There are basically two types of piercings, a surface and a micro dermal. Both types need to have the same amount of aftercare, although many peoples bodies seem to reject the micro dermal type more than the surface type. There is a simple reason for that.

The reason that most people have a lot of problems keeping the micro dermal in place is because of the bodys natural healing process. They often get pushed out naturally because there is nothing to hold the jewelry in place if the healing process starts to push them out. If it does get pushed out through the years, it will leave a scar so be careful where you choose to put it.

Surface mods are much easier to keep in place while healing. This is because they usually go straight through the area and can be a barbell or hoop to keep the opening from permanently closing. Once the scar tissue is developed, it is difficult to pierce again. Most professionals will advise you on your choice.

If ever you think about getting one or more modifications, be sure to seek the advice of someone that is trained and certified. Do not let anyone do one without knowing they are sanitary and safe during the whole procedure. You do run a risk of inflammation and infection any time you break the skin.

To find someone local you can trust, look no further than the local tattoo parlor. Many of the nations well known piercers have their own shop or have a place in someone elses shop. Prices vary from person to person, depending on the type you want to get.

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