How Choosing Hypoallergenic Children's Clothing Helps The Environment With Children's Clothing In The USA

By Frank Carbart

It is hard to balance style and affordability with healthy, comfortable clothing. If your kids are vulnerable to allergic reactions, you have to find safe materials in styles they like and won't complain about. Many synthetic materials are now preferred over natural, organic fabrics. However, these man-made materials are often made with chemicals and other harsh substances that kids can be allergic to. Manufacturers can save a lot of money using synthetic materials. If this is a problem for your family, you need an affordable alternative.

Skin sensitivity in kids is not unusual. They may develop rashes, hives, or other symptoms when wearing clothes made of materials that include such things as latex. Although fibers treated with chemicals are commonly used in material for kid's clothes, choosing those without them can drastically improve a child's allergy problem.

In addition, clothes made with organic materials are better for the environment. They tend to come from farming operations dedicated to producing natural materials such as cotton without using toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Clothes made from organic cotton are much easier for kids with allergies to wear.

Farmers have to go through some rigorous testing before their farms become certified organic agricultural operations. They cannot use toxic chemical sprays or fertilizers on their produce. This may require a more labor intensive operation. It has the benefit of reducing the carbon footprint however.

Organic farming has many benefits. In addition to reducing allergies in wearer's of the cotton, the land farmed benefits. Eliminating toxins in the farming process, is great for the soil.

In addition to being grown organically, natural fabrics are processed without using chemical dyes and bleaches. Manufacturers avoid using harmful detergent. They employ printing techniques that don't contaminate the water and soil.

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