Guides In Maximizing A Jewelry Display Alex Velvet

By Margaret Allen

Jewelries are small items for decoration and worn to adorn a person such as bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches. This may be attached to clothes or the body and used only to call those durable ornaments which excludes flowers. These are usually metals combined with gemstones but other materials like shells could be used also.

Their designs are different based on the culture with some of them signifying the importance or class of a person. Nowadays, they are popular to everyone with many stores selling them so having jewelry displays Alex Velvet is important to let people see their products. Here are a few guides in displaying them to make customers interested with their items.

Group jewelries with similar displays and let their personalities blend, reflect their style and the taste of customers they targeted. Be creative with props, textures and backgrounds you use to showcase different characteristics and personalities and make them memorable. Look at fashion catalogs for getting ideas to inspire you.

Professionally display them by making the items stand out then act as the main attraction that can be done with lesser type of props. Your creativeness must be controlled to avoid the result of having your scene stolen by its background. Put emphasis at those you sell and never at where the products were placed for avoiding confusion.

Cluttering the table visually with every kind of background and prop should be avoided which may overwhelm people and discourage them from shopping. Consider eighty percent of products being displayed in earring racks, necklace busts, gift boxes, jewelry cases, ring trays and bracelet trays. And have the remaining featured on the accents to effectively communicate style which would make it look interesting and professionally designed.

The displays should be considered secondary to your jewelries so they will not drown the items and make them hard to see instead. Make them stand out stunningly like placing a colorful jewelry set on dark background and prop. Doing this would help the viewer see the product as the main attraction and will be visually distinctive.

Create visual interest for your displays by giving them height variation instead of just placing them flat on tables. Other ideas for interesting visuals include putting them at unusual angles and setting them diagonally to look dynamic. Another is placing a poster or large photos of your jewelries to grab attention specially when you will be displaying at booths.

When displaying at booths, device a way of having your set up done faster such as placing the items ahead at home in their cases. This will not only make them easy to carry but would also make taking them down quicker after the event. You could save time with preparing things at home first rather than doing it at the venue.

You could do this also with earrings usually displayed vertically at revolving racks for an easier way to see them without taking up much space. Load completely these racks first at home then put them inside plastic bag and then tie it. Place it inside the container while you make sure it will not move very much.

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