Fashion Inventions Present In The Burning Man Fashion Event

By Marie Reynolds

During the celebrations of Burning fashion, close to seventy thousand individuals unite and get adventurous, explore different fashion designs, exchange gifts and lose and find themselves. In two thousand and seventeen, the burning man fashion event needed a good planning of clothing. Key consideration has to be put in place to handle the extreme conditions at night and the scorching sun during the day in desert.

The Man Fashions applies one of the great principles of radical self-expression which allows individuals to dress in an open way in comparison to how they dress in the city. One of the inventions present in event is the Rock Star Pink which is made of mesh and spandex and the jewels are put in place by hand. Team kitty Koalition that is situated in Brooklyn is behind making of this design.

The other is the Master Dragon Faux Fur that is made out of reversible sequins that have varying colors and have black faux fur on the inner part. One of the key advantages of this coat is that one can choose his or her favorite color at BOHO Coats Company that is located in San Francisco. The designer, Katrina has passion for her work and uses good quality fur.

A lace kimono of nineteen hundred and twenty style known as the Bohemian Gipsy found in list is perfect for the day sunny weather since it has a very light material. This custom made material is the perfect handwork of Odelia Opium Costumes who has specialized in making historical costumes right back at her London Studio.

Burning Fashions also has another form of invention termed as the Intergalactic Robot which is a swim suit that is created from gun metal of nylon, spandex and sheer mesh. The designer behind this great invention is based in Sweden and is known as Lena Quist. She makes sure that the suit is well crafted to fit the clients body shape perfectly.

In addition to the designs in place is the Victorian Goth Clown designed from a beautiful burgundy and black taffeta that has stretch cotton shorts with the military hand-sewn buttons. Australian alternative fashions perfectly pieces together this gorgeous design. The Goth Punk Vamp, a leather body suit goes along well with this fashion design.

The Pom Pom is a design does not lose that quality or elasticity despite being overstretched and is made from the luxury Lycra. Through keeping a low back with pom poms and high waist shorts, the design can easily maintain hourglass shape. The designer behind this perfect piece lives in the United Kingdom and is known as OMahony.

The Space Punk is considered the most gorgeous design in the two thousand and seventeen Burning Fashions event. This attracted many people from different parts of the globe, thus gaining popularity over the years. Mirrored tiles and a spandex material are what make up this cat suit that helps gain both an urban look and comfort. The firm behind this design, Harmonia Costumes picks and combines its designs from all over the world.

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