Choosing The Right Burning Man Costumes

By Stephen Parker

People do not go to these types of events to be told hot to dress. There are certain types of people who go to these events who think that there is a holy book of rules that was written about what you can and cannot have in your Burning Man costumes. While you might choose to consider these rules, the best thing for your freedom to be who you are is to just ignore all of that.

It is important to use sunscreen when you are going to be getting a lot of sun. Since this event takes place in the desert, that is very likely to happen over the days that you are there. And since a lot of people's outfits do not cover a lot of skin since it is so hot, it makes it all the more important to protect those exposed areas.

The materials that you make your costume out of can make all the difference to creating one that if friendly for the environment. Though you may not realize it, just as we leave stray hairs and skin cells behind everywhere we go, bits of our awesome outfits may come off throughout the festival. It is important that these are prevented or are biodegradable.

There are a lot of accessories used in popular costume ideas that are fun to have, but must be used wisely. If you choose to dispose of any one of your accessories at the event, please make sure to do so properly and responsibly. Failure to do so is disrespectful to the festival and the land that it takes place on.

Halloween and this festival are two of the main excuses that adults have in this world nowadays to dress up in outrageous outfits, with the exception perhaps of Cirque du Soleil actors. No matter how many restrictions there are on what people wear, people will always find ways to be creative. The truth is it is fun to dress up in interesting clothes.

When you are out in the hot desert, it is nice to not have to wear a lot of clothes. Some women take this to the extreme and choose to go in nothing but booty shorts. The exposed skin in this costume makes it important to suntan up, and sparkles are often a great accessory to reflect the bright light from the sun.

No man is complete at this festival without being covered all over with spandex. That is why a lot of guys lately have been wearing spandex onesies as their outfits. They are a great way of showing off the contours of the body and are highly comfortable.

Everybody loves a unicorn, and when you dress up like one, not only do you feel special but you make everybody around you feel special too. If you have never done it before, you should definitely try it. This particular festival is a great opportunity to make that happen, and rest assured, it will be a mythical experience for everyone you touch with your magic horn.

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