Choose Tape In Extensions For Fast Styles

By Maria Turner

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right hairstyle or color. No matter how many beauty products come on the market or a person puts in the effort, there are times when a particular style will not happen. Many people would rather try something simple, like tape in extensions, which are easy to apply and care for.

This method of adding hair is a great improvement over time consuming techniques of the past. Back in the day, it was standard to spend a few hours at a salon. Getting the hair installed and styled was a labor intensive process but necessary to ensure it would last for a few weeks. While shortcuts were available, these were normally temporary solutions.

There are numerous styles that allow the wearer to go from curly to straight, or vice versa without the use of chemicals. Anyone who has had their hair colored knows there are not only risks but even a professional may find it hard to get it right. Those who have dense hair types can try the new pastel colors without having to endure bleaching or sitting under a dryer for a long time.

The innovative tape method also allow for easy removal. While it may be best to have a professional remove from each section, there are products that help the wearer complete the process in little time. If the person needs to have another application, this method takes the least amount of time and brings long term results.

A lot of famous people prefer this over wigs because it looks more natural and the scalp does not get as hot inside. Extensions are also more flexible and easier to style between performances. Instead of subjecting their natural hair to hot lights and constant styling, this is a better option.

While adding hair, or changing it, can be exciting, it also calls for maintenance. People who wear any type of weave have the double duty of caring for their own hair and the newly applied mane. Those with naturally curly tresses may find that a new type of conditioner may be needed since oil tends to separate most bonding methods. There are some products on the market made especially made for diverse hair types that will not affect the weave.

Hair weaves also allow people to transition from short to long hair without struggling for styles in between. To keep the hair underneath hydrated, it is best to use a conditioning shampoo, followed by a moisturizing treatment made from light oils. Salons often have people on site that can recommend the best protocol.

More people are turning to these for a number of reasons. Some operators do not charge as much as the traditional methods, which entails a lot of steps. Wearers like the fact that these are not bulky and they can have a new style in less than an hour, in most cases. Although it is an innovative bonding process, it can withstand a lot in terms of styling or athletic activity.

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