Interesting Facts About Eyelash Extensions That You Should Know

By Dennis Wright

Semi permanent lashes are a great way to help improve your look, if you are into his kind of cosmetics. The main reason why men and women like having them done is because they aid in enhancing the fullness and the length of their lashes. They are commonly made up of silk and mink or real and synthetic hair.

There are many advantages to having it done by a professional, rather than applying it yourself. You will be given a lot of options and more possibilities when done in a salon. To learn more about it, read the article below for some interesting facts regarding eyelash extensions Katy.

People who have had it done before will often recount of its luxurious and relaxing process. It is actually quite enjoyable because beauticians will often require you to lay down on a bed and close your eyes for at least an hour while they make sure everything is in place. There are even some salons that will offer a complimentary massage while you wait

Aside from the standard extension you can purchase at department stores and boutiques, going to a professional will give you more options. This is because they will give their clients the option to customize the lash. You can choose what length it is, the formation, and how thick you want it to be. These things are semi permanent so it is best to get what you want to avoid any regrets.

Most cosmetologists will inform you that they will last a maximum of three weeks. While this is indeed a fact, there are many ways to prolong the lifespan of your extensions. This can be achieved by doing a structured routine of cleaning and making sure you avoid any products that may cause harm to it in any way.

Since you have these applied on your face, putting on make up can be a complicated process. It is not necessarily restricted, but you should be careful when applying anything around the eye area. Putting on some eyeliner is okay, as long as it is not liquid based. Also, always make sure you remove it properly with cotton buds and your choice of remover before going to bed.

Furthermore, applying any make up or irritating the eyes within twelve hours after having them done is frowned upon. This is because it will interfere with the glue drying process and the solution may enter your eyes. This will cause a burning sensation that is unpleasant and painful so you should avoid it as much as possible.

Once you have them on, do not under any circumstance pull them out yourself. Experienced people who often get them know that pulling a strand out will also pull off your natural eyelashes. This is not only painful, it will also lead to you having no more natural ones once the fake ones are fully removed.

Certified cosmetologists have the skills and information to effectively apply and remove any kind of cosmetics. If you need the lashes removed, set an appointment to ensure a safe and painless process. However, if you want to refrain from spending more money on them, just wait for the glue to wear of and fall by itself.

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