Fashion & 3 Reasons Instagram Matters, With Online Marketing Companies

By Paula Hess

If you're a fashion expert, it would be in your best interest to take advantage of social media. Of course, this takes on many different forms, which are used by online marketing companies across the board. When it comes to fashion, many will tell you that Instagram yields the most results. For a better understanding as to the perks this particular social network has to offer, here are just 3 that stand out.

First and foremost, Instagram is very much a social media network built upon visual media. Most of the posts that are found on the site are pictures, which is ideal for showcasing some of the latest articles of clothing. Everything from simple t-shirts to elegant dresses can be shown, drawing the attention of those that want to build upon their existing wardrobes. The visual nature of Instagram is difficult to overlook.

While it's fine to showcase your products, chances are that you'll want people to purchase them as well. Fortunately, Instagram has made it possible for people to link their products so that people can buy them with ease. This speaks to not only the versatility of social media but the ever-growing nature of ecommerce to boot. Anyone that works in an online marketing company will tell you that Instagram stands out for this reason, too.

Finally, despite how niche people may believe Instagram to be, it's one of the larger networking platforms in the world. Did you know that Instagram boasts approximately 600 million monthly users? What this means, according to the likes of, is that the content you post on this site has the potential to reach these people, as well as those that decide to create accounts later on down the road. For fashion experts, it's important to go where the people are.

Whether you're a fashion designer, retailer, or what have you, it's important to understand that Instagram stands out. It's one of the more interactive social media networks in the world, and its growing popularity cannot be denied. Yes, there are many social media sites that exist, and some are considerably more popular than others. However, it comes to Instagram, few industries seem to benefit as much as fashion.

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