How To Use A Charm Catcher Effective

By Frank Bennett

Traditional societies believed that people, animals and all objects on earth were connected through a universal energy stream. It is from this stream that good and bad dreams emanated. A charm catcher is therefore used to confuse bad dreams and keep them away from people, especially children. Having good dreams guaranteed an undisturbed night. The catchers required a web to confuse the bad dreams.

The general design of dream catchers varied depending on personal preference. There were both small and large catchers. The components of making catchers could be obtained from specialty shops. They are available in the form of pendants that are used on necklaces. Since they can be used on different parts of the body, it is the individual who made that choice on design.

Tradition gave grandmothers the responsibility of weaving catchers for new born children. They were hang in bedrooms used by children to catch bad dreams and therefore guarantee a goodnight sleep. They were also used for good luck purposes in necklaces and chains. For adults, they are used to protect them from bad luck. The main catcher is a feather from any bird.

The need to capture good charms while on the move and avoid the bad charms has pushed people away from feathers. Though feathers are still used as pendants, they are exposed to damage through water and sweat, among other secretions from the body . They have thus fallen out of favor and instead people are using crystals and other natural materials.

The design of charmers will depend on personal preference. What is important is to maintain the web or a complex trail to confuse bad dreams. Some are circular while others are rectangular and even abstract shaped. Rings allow you to hang objects like feathers and animal sculptures, to enhance your catcher. The color and shape of catchers varies depending on personal preference.

Since feathers are the original motif for making catchers, sculptures have moved from original bird feather to create sculptures similar to what is used for ordinary pendants. They only ensure that the image of a feather is maintained. In fact, the catcher is concealed in an ordinary necklace. This design allows you to adorn the charmer anywhere without being extra conscious or attracting undesired attention. This will protect you from attack by evil spirit.

To make catchers effective and different from ordinary ornaments, they are taken to the park. The idea is to allow them absorb natural charms that are found in the environment. The best bag for transporting the catchers without hurting the charms is made of cotton. When used in a room, hang them away from the wall to facilitate free movement. Hanging them from the neck or arm is also allowed.

Catchers are available in multiple shapes and colors. There are good fortunes and protection from harm when you make them a part of your life. It should be assimilated naturally to avoid excessive consciousness. A personal twist is acceptable because it does not reduce or affect its effectiveness.

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