Have Hours Of Fun With Unique Knitting Patterns

By Donna Adams

Knitting used to be the domain of grannies, who would spend every free moment creating sweaters, bed socks and booties for their latest grandchild. These days, however, the craft is becoming extremely popular with fashion-conscious young people. Many knitters are also adding creative flair by creating unique knitting patterns for items you would never have imagined.

Most beginners start with a scarf as their first project. A scarf is easy to make and is a great way to practice the different stitches but making one can also become a little tedious after a while. To make things more interesting, you can change the color of the yarn you're using. For example, choose a different color for each mood you're in and change the yarn to reflect the way you're feeling at the moment. Otherwise, change the colors of the yarn to reflect the color of the sky, showing changes in the weather.

You can also turn the art of knitting into a game. It's a bit like those drinking games where you watch the presidential debate on TV and drink a shot of tequila every time a candidate says a certain phrase. The game for knitters involves changing the color of your yarn instead of drinking.

Another way to have fun with yarn and needles is the practice known as guerilla knitting or yarn bombing. This involves covering an object in something knitted and colorful. It can be a tree or a lamppost or a bicycle. Yarn bombers have even covered buses, tanks and mailboxes. If you want to do something a little more practical, make socks for your furniture so that their legs won't damage the floor.

One of the reasons people choose knitwear is that it's nice and warm in cold weather. Hats are easy to knit and there are patterns for very stylish ones. However, you can also show your sense of humor with a silly hat that has floppy bunny ears or the face of a kitten. Very practical are hats with knit fake beards attached to keep your face warm too.

If you love animals, you can use your skills with yarn and needles to benefit them too. Rescue animals often need to be kept warm and a sweater is a great way of doing just that. The sight of a penguin in a sweater will cheer up anybody who has had to deal with the aftermath of an oil spill.

Knit toys have always been a hit with children, especially if these toys come in the form of cuddly teddy bears or dolls. However, you don't need to stick to the traditional when making toys. Among the wonderful patterns you will find are instructions for making zombie dolls, a knit octopus and even toy cars.

There are thousands of knitting patterns available online and many of these are free to download. As your skills with the needles and yarn improve, you will also learn how to create your own designs. All you need is a creative mind and a good dash of humor.

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