Enjoy Luxury With Fendi Eau De Parfum

By Nancy Brown

A great way to bring some luxury into your life is to invest in a little something by a famous designer. It can be a dress or a blouse or a pair of killer heels. Even a designer scent, for example a Fendi eau de parfum, can make you feel like a million dollars.

The Italian design house's story starts in 1918, when Adele Casagrand decided to open a shop in Rome. She focused on selling goods made of fur or leather. When she got married in 1925, she renamed her store to show her married name. In 1965 design superstar Karl Lagerfeld became the company's creative director and over the years, Fendi has grown into a leading fashion brand loved by celebrities.

While they produce a ready-to-wear collection every season, the company's main focus is on stylish accessories. These include shoes, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry and watches. It's for their bags that the company is best known, however. The Baguette design became an instant fashion classic upon its release and has been seen on the arms of celebrities ever since.

In the 1980s, many leading designers launched their own fragrances. Fendi followed suit, launching their first perfume in 1985. The scent, which simply bore the company's name, was created to be ultra-feminine with top notes such as bergamot and rosewood slowly fading into a bouquet of floral scents in the middle. At the base was an earthy, slightly Oriental smell consisting of amber, musk, patchouli, cedarwood and other scents. The perfume was so successful that it paved the way for more fragrances to follow.

The original Fendi fragrance was an eau de parfum. An EDP, as it's also called, is more affordable than a concentrated perfume. It is normally made up of about fifteen percent of the oils that create the scent, with water and alcohol making up the rest. You only need to use a small amount at a time, so it's a good buy because it will last you many months or even years.

A less concentrated version of a fragrance is an eau de toilette. This is also called an EDT. With the scented oils comprising about ten percent of its make-up, it's lighter than an EDP. Its fragrance fades more rapidly, though, so a bottle of EDT won't last you as long as an EDP.

A refreshing EDT is a wonderful choice for warm weather or for wearing every day. When temperatures drop or when you want to dress up and make an impact, however, an EDP is perfect. You need to take care though that you don't apply too much of it. If you spray the scent above and in front of you and then simply step through the fragrant mist, the tiny drops will settle on your hair and body and cover you in their subtle aroma.

In 2006, fashion giant LVMH became the majority shareholder in Fendi. It discontinued all the fragrance lines that the house had released up to then, instead releasing several new ones. However, it's still possible to find a bottle of your favorite scent, including that original classic, by checking online auctions, estate sales or charity and second-hand clothing stores.

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