How To Subscribe To Fabletics Athletic Wear & Accessories

By Charles Burns

Many people craze over fitness in the world and are passionate about it. Keeping fit includes activities such as jogging, lifting weights and even yoga. People want to be able to feel comfortable when they work out and this has brought about the birth of Fabletics Athletic Wear & Accessories. This is a member based online store for athletic apparel, where people become members and get to choose from a great deal of wear.

There are two types of membership, regular member and VIP membership. The regular members get to subscribe by entering their email address and a password of their choice. They use those details to login to their account and do any shopping they want whenever they want, at regular prices. The VIP members however get deals, and receive free shipping for the products purchased. However, they have to pay a monthly fee.

A member can join as a VIP subscriber, but for whatever reason, may want to opt out of it. To guarantee that you have been totally unsubscribed from the service one has to call the company on phone. Otherwise there is an option to skip your monthly payment on the website. Unsubscribing means that one will no longer be able to enjoy discounted prices and free shipping of items.

When shopping for fitness outfits with Fabletics, one can find several fitting styles to choose from. Their styles are made to not only be for athletic purposes, but one can also step into their normal life in the attires they get from Fabletics. They are also made of quality fibers and the affordable prices to top it up create real value for money.

Apart from the clothes, Fabletics also sells other sporting accessories like gym bags, water bottles, headbands, scarves and other accessories. This makes it easier for fitness lovers to shop for their amenities since they can find a majority of them under one roof. For VIP subscribers, these smaller and less pricey accessories may help in topping up their checkout list and take full advantage of their monthly credit limit.

The company is known for selling mostly ladies apparel, but that is no longer the case. They recently introduced a new line of athletic wear for men called FL2. This line offers the men who love training a wide range of attires that can also blend into their other daily activities. They are made of super quality materials and even have a technology to release moisture integrated in them.

They have recently been receiving a lot of business and that has made them decide to set up shop is malls. This move will see their website get relieved from the major traffic it gets when customers shop, and is also a marketing move to attract new clients. So far they have settled on at least three different locations.

All in all, Fabletics is a store that provides great value in products and service and anyone wanting to acquire athletic wears and accessories should turn to them. Just remember to read through their policies on membership types before settling for the one you are most convenient with.

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